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How to play Ping-Pong

Watch me learn how to play ping-pong in group theory.

My First Published Paper

I'll be talking about the results in my paper and some of the inspiration behind them. I tried to keep the exposition accessible. #RIPChadwickBoseman

Senior's Dream

In which I finally prove an elusive identity. #WakandaForever

“Send me your rotation

let's focus on good definitions...”

Random addendum

After writing the previous post, I came across several related things that I thought I'd like to share. This serves as an appendix of sorts.

Randomness is Weird

When dealing with the infinite, statements about random objects probably don't mean what you think they mean.

Maths & Crafts

This is the first of a series of post that I've been working on while I wait to get back to school. It's in the same spirit as my very first blog post, “Envelopes and Astroids,” except it has fewer calculations and more hands-on work. I love that it is …

Fermat's Proofs

A collection of some Fermat theorems and how they were eventually proven. These are the beginnings of modern number theory.

The Jacobian & Divergence

In which I try to change variables in multiple integrals using divergence theorem. I sort of succeed.

The Jacobian & Determinants

I look into the source of using the Jacobian when we change variables.

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