Misadventure #1

Now seems like a good time to write about my failed math research. There are several questions I've never been able to answer and today I present the most frustrating »

Hmm, Ordinal Numbers...

In the last post, Why Ordinal Numbers, I had intuitively guessed that I would be left with a perfect set after enough application of derived sets on ${S}$. By the »

Why Ordinal Numbers?

It's about time I write on a non-Euler topic -- the birth of ordinals. I've been reading Georg Cantor's Contributions to the Founding of the Theory of Transfinite Numbers. In »

Basel's Problem - New proof and some calculus

Sorry for the long hold up on another post. This new post is a result on my investigations on a proof of ${\zeta(2) = \frac{\pi^2}{6}}$ by Daniele »

From Heron's formula to Descartes' circle theorem

Descartes' Circle Theorem is a very remarkable and simple statement and, to prove it, I had to use three other surprising theorems of the triangle, including Heron's formula. While I »

Inclusion-Exclusion Principle (Pt. 2)

Last post was a proof for the Inclusion-Exclusion Principle and now this post is a couple of examples using it. The first example will revisit derangements (first mentioned in Power »