Update & Forecast

A lot has happened since my last blog post.

  • I have completed two years of grad school and chosen my area of interest, Geometric Group Theory.
  • I attended my first conference (Redbud Topology Conference), which inspired me to start taking my math adventures seriously again.
  • I was also a teaching assistant for Calc 3 for three semesters, taught one semester of Finite Math, and currently scheduled to teach (not TA!) an 8-week course of Calc 3 this summer.

I will start blogging again but the purpose for the blog that I laid out (almost exactly) 3 years ago will have to change; this can no longer be a "blog aimed at undergraduates." I want to blog about the things I am currently studying and also my experience/thoughts on math education. This means that I need to

  1. come up with the best way to describe what I am studying to someone who's unfamiliar with the area while still keeping it interesting.
  2. reflect on my past two years as a TA & instructor and collect my feelings about how we teach mathematics. It's a lot to do just for a blog but I will not give up on it just yet.

Luckily, I just discovered a bunch math articles on my old computer that can serve as ideas for several blog posts while I figure out the new direction for my blog. These are articles that I loved as an undergrad, so at least they will be "easier" to blog about than geometric group theory.

Potential future blog posts:

  • Finish up on ordinals
  • Sharkovsky's theorem and chaos
  • Hyperbolic origami
  • Constructive mathematics (philosophy of math)
  • Yablo's paradox & non-circular paradoxes (philosophy, logic)
  • Jordan curve theorem using nonstandard analysis
  • The Kruskal count
  • Playing cards with a demon
  • Honeycomb conjecture
  • Catalan's conjecture, this might be too ambitious...

Here's a toast to being productive again :)